One of the nicest young men you will ever meet!

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I met Conner when he was around 13, as a student actor in a drama production at NewSpring Church called Judgement House. He was quiet, shy and just wanted to fade in the background as an Extra. By the end of the two week production, he was one of my main characters. His character is one of dedication evidenced by his family bond, and he is surely one of the best big brothers ever. Conner, I know you are going to do great things in life! 


The Catlin girls (plus mom & dad) are your all-American "girls next door!"  The Catlin family is one of my very favorite families...we first knew them from NewSpring Church and then to our joy, they moved into our neighborhood. Their girls are witty, unique and oh so beautiful...inside and out! Carrie has a blog where she details her life with these beautiful gals and her very patient husband (he would have to be right?). Check it out at She's honest and insightful about being a mom of these Gen of Girls. 

Guatemala 2018

Jonah & Silas - Missionary Kids to Peten, Guatemala

I spent almost 6 weeks from home in Guatemala. It is a beautiful country and I could spend a year traveling throughout all the different regions photographing the people, the landscapes, and the cultural differences however I really went to see my children/grandchildren! Jim and Shelley serve as the Founder/Director of the Kekchi Bible Institute. I'm very proud of them and the work they are doing! The boys and I decided we would video an unscripted clip of what's it like to be a Missionary Kid. They live too far see all my trip photos please visit my Pixieset gallery at 

Blog Summaries

River's 1st Christmas

Christmas and babies just seem to go together....

River's mom, Caitlyn, is one of my daughter's "heart sisters." The other is Damien's mom, Adrie. It stands to reason since they all have little boys close in age, they will be friends one day...sure to get in a lot of trouble together and make their mom's eyes roll! Johnny and Caitlyn just bought a new house and it was so fun to capture a few quick photos to mark the milestone of a new baby, Christmas and a new home! Congratulations!! 

A Snowy Christmas


Family, Snow and Christmas...what a perfect combination!The snow was unexpected but everyone just went with it! (mostly!) This is our "extended" family in Virginia, JB's mom and Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. We flew out to visit since Jill and JB moved there this fall. Of course we miss them but they love it there and Lennon loves her cousin Jessica. Thank you for your hospitality and next time maybe those gorgeous trees that are everywhere will have leaves! 

Damien's 1st Christmas

Adrie and Damien - Such a happy little guy!

Adrie and Damien - Such a happy little guy!

Adrie is the 2nd "heart sister" of my daughter's and Michael is the brother my son-in-law, JB, never had. It stands to reason I'm obsessed with their son, Damien. He has the biggest smile and oh my goodness, HIS HAIR!! Seriously, he should be on TV. So much personality in such a small package. I love this couple and their little boy and was so glad they were in town to capture a few Christmas photos. 


We met during an open house (and eventually bought our home!) and she introduced herself as "Katharine." Little did we know most people call her Kitty! She has such a sweet spirit and we immediately trusted her.  Our granddaughter calls her "her sister!" Kitty is having a baby girl, early 2018, and Robin and I were privileged to be asked to capture the beginning of what will surely be another wonderful human being in the world. 


Neighbors are defined as "living near another"...does it count we use to but still consider them our neighbors? I guess if you say all of Wichita is one big neighborhood then it does! We got together to take photos of their family of girls, Audrey and Mary Grace, and their dogs, Heidi and Biscuit. We've known all four since they were pups...ahem...babies! Don't let the "girl" fool you...they are hard to keep up with! Audrey and Mary Grace have always made me smile...