The messy moments

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a real blessing. GNT
— Psalm 127:3

My "about" page states I like to capture the messy moments as well as the joyful, however I did not expect messy with the birth of our grandson Titus!  This event is definitely a combination of joyful and messy.  He's so beautiful and perfect as you can see from the photos but the messy part is that he has had health problems since arriving, compounded by a third world country medical system!  Thankfully he now has a specific diagnosis, on medications and doing much better.  Basically, he has a problem with his heart as he has an "extra pathway" that causes his heart to beat extremely fast.  There have been so many people praying for him for which the entire family is thankful for.  It was unexpected but we know that God is in control.  At times due to my own medical background, I want to "fix it" but only God is truly able.  Please continue to pray that he grows big and strong...