Titus James Dinsmore

The wait is almost over!  Our Grandson Titus James is set to arrive via C-section in less than three hours.  It is exciting yet there is an element of trepidation due to the combination of surgery, and having a newborn in a third world country. (Whoever said childbirth is natural was lying). It just provides a level of anxiety one doesn't feel when you know you are close to the best hospitals, the best doctors, the best neonatologists, etc.  But our God is in Control!  My son and daughter-in-law are missionaries in the jungle area of Peten serving as Directors of the Kekchi Bible Institute.  They trust in Him to provide ALL things and know without a doubt that He has blessed them with this new unexpected baby boy.  We are excited to see his sweet, chubby face!  I will post photos as soon as possible but visiting is restricted so he will already be 24 hours old before we can see him other than through Jimmy's iPhone!  Please pray for mommy and daddy!  His 4 year old sister just came in all sleepy-eyed saying, "today is baby Titus's birth day!"  The siblings are as excited as mommy and daddy are!