Joe & Hank

Joe has always had a love for all things "dog."  I thought for a very long time he would become a Vet but his love of Construction won out.  We had a stray pit bull that arrived at our country home when Joe was 2.  He was in love with Daisy-dog from the start.    She was very protective of the kids and he would ride her, pull on her, and do all sorts of "cowboy" things with her and never did she show any aggression.  

Hank-dog is the same way.  A big, goofy and lovable dog that just wants to hang out with you 24/7 and he found a perfect match in Joe.  We drove to Colorado for Joe's 32nd birthday and I convinced both of them to let me take a few photos. (In the 10 minutes I could get them to hold still long enough!)  Joe, we love you and are so proud of your work ethic and accomplishments.