Uniquely Herself

I like photographing the unique and Lindsey is one of those people you don't forget easily. We met when I started as Administrator at LakePoint Nursing Center in Augusta. She is the Social Services Designee and takes care of a large part of the everyday needs of the residents...plus their families...plus guests, visitors, vendors and anyone else asking for help! It's difficult to describe her position because one day it may be admitting a new resident to skilled services, or moving a resident to another room, or finding their socks.  The next day it is having a heart-wrenching discussion about Hospice care options with a family member.  Her job is all-encompassing and few people realize the emotional toll or work that is involved.  Think of being a "mom" to everyone you meet. There are unpleasant days and one wonders, "What did I sign up for?" But mostly there are good days where you thank God for putting the people you serve in your life. She made a comment early on and told me, "when you met me, you looked me in the eye."  She meant I looked beyond her piercings, tattoos, and hair color (a different color each month!) That comment struck a chord and I haven't forgotten it.  I hope you see what I came to know her to have...a heart of pure gold.