Farm Life

My sister's farmhouse and the old pump that she adores

I grew up on a farm by El Dorado. We ran around like hooligans in the rain, snow or intense heat. We just liked to be outdoors. I tell my grandkids about all the "naughty things" we did which basically consisted of doing whatever we wanted as long as it was contained on our property. Climbing silos, sitting out on the roof of the house late at night, fishing when we were suppose to be doing chores, laying in the barn reading a Harlequin Romance book. These hot, July days remind me the most of our country life.  Days in which we spent hours hauling hay, getting ready for rodeos, trying to get our 4-H projects done, cranking out homemade vanilla ice cream, swimming in the pond, weeding huge gardens, riding our horses, and oh, doing so many chores!  The list goes on and on because farming doesn't take a weekend break. 

My sister, Jennifer, is a farmer.  She has worked extremely hard keeping her farm running through all the ups and downs of being a single mom.  She raises cattle, sheep, farms the ground, and has just about tried it all...and has been successful at it - 24/7/365. I went out last week and took a few photos so she can have the memories when she is 80!  Part 2 is going back when she is there working her land and cows.  I'm very proud of her and the life she has created and she would be the first to give God all the glory. On a side note, in her spare time she likes to care for her flowers which is literally all over the place! Not sure when she has the time but she said it's her time of reflection.