Friends and Fellowship

I remember when my own daughter was this age. 10, almost 11. Still wanting to be a little girl, carefree and playing, but having the expectations placed on her by the world to grow up. I met Kayla when she just hours old, shortly after her birth. I remember thinking, "This is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen." Craig and Wanda had been praying for a child for a long time and we were thrilled for them. We were all youth leaders at NewSpring Church (back in the day) and shared so many life-changing experiences that we will always be friends, plus they were responsible for one of our boys when he was Kayla's age! I wish there would have been Facebook just for the photo memories, lol. Now they have two beautiful girls, Kayla and Jamie, and we are fortunate to be able to still call them friends even though life has taken us in different directions.  Have a wonderful birthday, Kayla!