Simply Sarah

Tim and Sarah in front of the family farmhouse

I met Sarah when I went to Parsons, Kansas to act as an Interim Executive Director. It was my first assignment and I didn't know what to expect but driving into town reminded me of El Dorado. I met some of my new staff and went to find Sarah, my Director of Nursing. In Nursing homes, the Executive Director and the DON had better be on the same page or chaos can ensue.  When I met her, I thought this isn't going to be so bad! Sarah was quiet and reserved, she was knowledgeable and her clinical skills was spot on. Then I found out she was a veteran. My respect grew.  Occasionally, during staff meeting I would ask questions and I would get an eye roll (more of a eyelash flutter)...not in a disrespectful way, but in a "how do I explain what I am doing so we can take care of the resident" kind of way.  It became something I would tease her about. I've been described as a medical is Sarah. She firmly believes in providing the very best care for others.  She does things the right way, every time and leads by example. Eight weeks wasn't a very long time but it was long enough to form a bond.  She loves her family deeply and it is obvious they love her in return. A country girl with the most gorgeous freckles fuss, no frills...just Sarah. We got together this week to take more photos of her beautiful, growing family...Tyson, Adrienne, Christian, Alexandra, and Max....(Max, you made things funny and challenging!) Congratulations Tim and Sarah, I pray you have a  wonderful life together!