Girls becoming Women

Beka LOVES her birthday! Actually she loves life in general...every tiny bit of it and has the best smile of anyone I know. Not that she is "happy" all the time but she has the joy of Lord in her heart and that's what people see...and feel. I've known her since she was in the second grade...headed off to the mission field with her family. We had a little party at school for her, maybe that's why she loves parties! I made gift bags and I'm sure I have some of those photos buried in a tub somewhere! We reconnected when she came back during youth group during high school. SO MANY TRIPS! :-) To Mexico on mission trips, to Colorado 14'ers, to just to hang out. She's always been special to those she meets.  I count myself blessed to still be hanging out, doing what we love...discovering people through the lens of our cameras. Happy birthday Beka!