I live in Kansas and specialize in Seniors, Children, and Families. If I'm not taking photos, I can be found making sick people feel better, traveling to the mission field, exploring the country or spoiling the grandchildren. Sometimes doing everything at the same time! Dinsmore Photography is dedicated to capturing that special, print-and-hang-on-the-wall photo! 

I love...

Jesus / family / Daisies / Kansas Country / missions / travel / songbirds / children's laughter / sunsets / babies / Clouds / tire swings / Making up stories / elders reminiscing / cleaning / encouraging others / rocking babies to sleep / driving fast / Fantasy Football / freshly mowed grass / red hair and freckles / country music / soft pillows / Colors Blue and Green / ocean waves / sunshine on my skin / foot rubs / Exclamation points!

I don't love...

lazy people / selfishness / people on their cell phones while driving / computer problems / messy kitchens / interrupted baths / water splashed in my face while at the pool / mice

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